Below is a user-written walkthrough for Resident Evil Survivor, a PlayStation game notable for its linear use of alternating paths.

Route chartEdit

Stage 1
Stage 2A
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Upon gaining control of the player, simply take the next left and through the door. In the next room you will encounter a body, after a Zombie arrives, make sure to kill it and pick up the Rusted Key from the corpse. Use it on a door.

At this point there are three different paths to take. They are:

  • The Movie Theatre (Down the hall on the left);
  • The Restaurant (straight down the hall from the door you entered);
  • The Church (the nearest door to the corpse).

First optionEdit

EPSXe 2010-12-29 04-21-12-29

The projector is central in this area.

Shoot the zombie in front of you and continue down the hall. There is a Green Herb on the desk and three zombies around the corner. Head Upstairs and into the next room from the landing.

Within the Projection room, go to the other side and take a right into the back. Shoot the zombie and take the 35mm film from the shelf and put the film into the projector. Pick up the file and leave the room. Escape downstairs before you are injured by the creatures.

There are more zombies in the theatre, head into the Red-doored room. Obtain the Theater Key and leave the room. Unlock and exit through the blue door nearby.

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The restaurant's meat locker.

You are now within the restaurant's kitchen. On the shelf at the back of the room, you can find the Restaurant Manager's File. Leave through the door to the left. Go forward to the next room and into the Meat Locker.

Kill or avoid the Zombie in front. The Manager's Key is on top of a crate next to the wall to the left. Leave back into the first room and kill the Zombies. Leave through the exit in the back room to the public area. In here, Zombies are banging on the window whilst another two are around the corner. The window will smash at this point and more Zombies will enter. Use the Manager's Key to unlock the door at the back and enter it.

Head to the back and kill the Zombies before taking toe door to the right. Kill the Zombies and take the Clock Winder out of the Grandfather clock. Obtain the Chapel Key from the desk and leave through the door you entered. Unlock the door opposite and enter. When inside the hallway, take a left into the nearby door. There is a file and a Green herb here. Exit.

Back in the hallway, kill the three Zombies and place the winder within the second Grandfather clock, a staircase should open up. Walk down it and kill the Spider nearby. Exit the room and shoot the Zombies. Claim the Church's Rear Key from the desk and walk back upstairs. Unlock the door to the left and onto the Street.


Kill the two zombie dogs and answer the telephone. Walk down the stairs nearby. Here you will encounter two Lickers. A Green Herb and a Cracked Key can be found here. Go up the other stairs.

A cutscene will occur on the street where you answer the phone. You will receive a message from Andy Holland, referring to as a murderer.

You now have another three options:

  • The Arcade;
  • The Hospital;
  • The Library

Second optionEdit

Upon entering the Arcade, a cutscene will occur. In it, Umbrella helicopters surround the area and Undertakers descent from it, with their Commander reminding them of their mission: to remove evidence of Umbrella's involvement.

Inside the Arcade, Ark will see two Zombies suddenly fall - dead. An Undertaker will walk to Ark and prepare to attack, kill it and exit the room through the door to the right. In here, two Undertakers will suddenly be killed, shot by a man - Andy Holland. Obtain the Arcade Key and exit the room.

Use the key on the double doors and enter. Kill the Undertakers in front of you as soon as they are seen. Pick up the Manhole Opener and walk into the Casino downstairs. There is a First Aid Spray at the other end of the room, yet more Undertakers lye in the way. Exit through the only other door in the room.

Pick up Hand Gun C and use the Manhole Opener on the Manhole. Another cutscene will occur, this time it is Vincent Goldman watching Ark through a security camera. Blaming Ark for the catastrophe which has befallen the city, he releases a T-103. The sound of Helicopters nearby makes Vincent worried. Knowing that the Undertakers must have arrived, he leaves, thinking that Ark won't stand much of a chance...

Enter the double doors to the right and kill the zombie behind it. As the door to the Medicine Room is locked, enter the door to the right to the "Health Axaminetion" (the sign was evidently written without spellchecking), instead. Kill the three zombies nearby before they take you down. Take the Blue Herb to the left and then activate the CT scan machine via the console. Pick up the Medicine Room Key from the machine and leave the room. Enter the Medicine Room in front of you and kill the doctor zombie directly in front of you; a further two zombies will be around the corner. Obtain the Green Herb from beside the window and leave via the door to the right to the Docter's Office (again, bad spelling).

There will be two zombies directly in front of you and a second to your right. If you can, try to kill the zombie on the right first to let you escape the other two. Near the door you entered the room in is a file: Patients' chart. After killing or avoiding the three zombies, escape through the door to the right and go up the stairs to a hallway.

The room first to the right, Room 201, will have a zombie next to the bed on your left - avoid it. The only thing of interest here is a First Aid Spray can be recovered from the second bed on your right. Head back to the hallway. This time, enter the office on the opposite side of the hallway. On the table in front of you is Hand Gun B. In the next part of the room is a control panel displaying levers to regulate electricity. Pull the levers and leave the room back into the hallway.

Head to the opposite side of the hallway to Room 202, now. A zombie will be directly in front of you, with another two approaching. Kill all three - the space is too tight to just walk way. A Green Herb will wait for you; head back to the hall. Note: It is prefered that you only go into this room if you are confident you can kill all three or escape with the herb without being injured. Otherwise, your visit would be pointless.

In the next room, Room 203, contains a Red Herb to complement your Green Herb supply. Again, there are three zombies in this room. However, with no curtain blocking your path, they are much easier to avoid. Leave the room.

There are now only two rooms left: the Operating Room (with the red light above it) and the elevator (with blue shutters). Head over to the Operating Room first. A doctor zombie is in front of you a few meters away. You'll have to dispatch him to get to the Manhole Opener behind him. Don't be fooled by the layout of the room; there are two more zombies behind the automatic door. As there is nothing in that part of the room, they can be avoided, altogether. Consider healing yourself before leaving the 'Operating Room.

Back in the hallway, a T-103 will barge in from the exit. Continue to aim for the head. You won't be able to defeat it in your current position, so run further down the hall when it gets too close. You should then have enough room to finish it off. When defeated, it will drop items like Flame Rounds or Shotgun Bullets. Leave through the elevator - you will be taken to the morgue on level B1F. Be careful in this room; while there is only one zombie cadaver, a giant spider will fall from the ceiling. There is nothing of interest in this room; leave. In the next room, run to the manhole and leave the hospital through it.

You will meet Andy upon entering, before the sound of Helicopters makes him leave. Walk up the stairs and through the double doors. The door will lock behind you and Andy will laugh at your impending doom.

Pick up the Hand Gun D at the top-right corner of the room and kill the Hunter nearby. Andy has unlocked the door and so re-enter the Main Hall. Two cerberuses will enter the room. Exit through the door at the top-right corner. Kill the Lickers and exit through the only other door. Kill the Zombies and obtain the Manhole Opener and exit into the alleyways. Open the manhole.

Sewers and prisonEdit

Wherever abouts you are in the sewers, head through the room with the orange-painted signs around it. Janitor Andy's Diary is on the desk in front of you. Ark - after reading the diary - will examine a photo of himself thus he concludes that he must be Vincent. A boy enters the room and is frightened by Ark, scared that he will be killed, and runs away. Don't leave the room just yet. On your right is a box of "Shotgun Bullets" on top of a shelf. When you have the, you can now run for the boy.

On your way to a ladder, a Licker will jump down; don't stop, you can escape it before it can react. Enter "Paradise". There will be four zombies surrounding you from all sides; get away from them quickly. Head on over to the Office Room on your left. Take out the zombies that impede either path to the next room. In the next office, the Prison Cell Key can be found on the desk at the corner, along with the Prison Chief's Diary on the far side of the table (you have to be on the key's side of the table to get it). Leave both rooms.

Back in the hallway, head on over to the Imprisonment Area (the sign, unlike the poster, simply says "Prison") and unlock it with the key. In this long hallway are two zombies that can easily be killed, though not so easily evaded. Pick up the Rope on the desk and head through the door on the far left and dispatch the zombie against the doorway; the door in front is locked from this side. Head through the prison gate.

Two naked zombies will approach you from further down the hall. Consider this a diversion, as another two will attack from the cells next to you. Now, check the room. Around the room, there are three blue-shirted inmates found with their throats slit open by a blade, indicating that a human had killed them. In the first prison cell is the Young Man's Diary. Go through the door at the end of the hallway.

There are two doors on your right and a staircase on your left. Firstly, take the door nearest to you - this is the prison showers. Two zombies will be in front of you, and another will be on your right. The Shotgun lies on the corner at the far end. When you have it, exit the room. You must now choose where to go - the stairs to the underground, or through the door to the nightclub and rooftop.

Third optionEdit

No walkthrough has been written yet.

The door on the right will send you outside to the execution grounds; the poles are for standing rebellious inmates against. Two Hunters will be further down the area; kill them with your new shotgun; if, instead they are four zombie dogs, you might as well conserve your shotgun ammo by using the handgun or otherwise avoiding them. Be careful if they are Hunters - they are very agile and can jump straight over you and take you from behind. If you want to double-check the pison for items, you can unlock the door at the far-right of the execution grounds before leaving. When you have finished, head through the opening on the other side of that door. To the immediate right of the opening is a Red Herb. Head down the path and go up the ladder.

You are now on the guards tower. There isn't much to do here other than walk to the other side. Use your rope with the hook to make your way down. At the end of this tight alleyway is another T-103. As it is too far away to use your new shotgun, take out Hand Gun B and fire at it repeatedly until it falls. Pick up the item it drops, which may be more Shotgun Bullets.

Take the first right up the stairs; continuing onward will instead take your to the nightclub. Make sure to equip your shotgun beforehand, though. You will be forced to fight a unit of Undertakers. Head down the ladder on the other side of the rooftop when you are done. At the end of this new alleyway is a cartridge of Flame Rounds. When you have them, go through the door on your right.

You are now in a storage facility. Be careful, Cleaners will shoot at you from around the room, including from the large containment crates. Behind the crate is a box of Shotgun Bullets. Leave the room.

The door on the right will send you outside to the execution grounds; the poles are for standing rebellious inmates against. Two Hunters will be further down the area; kill them with your new shotgun; if, instead they are four zombie dogs, you might as well conserve your shotgun ammo by using the handgun or otherwise avoiding them. Be careful if they are Hunters - they are very agile and can jump straight over you and take you from behind. If you want to double-check the pison for items, you can unlock the door at the far-right of the execution grounds before leaving. When you have finished, head through the opening on the other side of that door. To the immediate right of the opening is a Red Herb. Head down the path and go up the ladder.

You are now on the guards tower. There isn't much to do here other than walk to the other side. Use your rope with the hook to make your way down. At the end of this tight alleyway is another T-103. As it is too far away to use your new shotgun, take out Hand Gun B and fire at it repeatedly until it falls. Pick up the item it drops, which may be more Shotgun Bullets.

Keep walking to the very end of the alleyway; the stairs on your right will instead go to the rooftops.

Umbrella HQ and Lott's houseEdit

You are now in front of the local Umbrella headquarters. Behind you, against the Heaven's Night, is a Red Herb. Take it before entering the facility. Inside the partially-demolished entrance hall are two Hunters - dispatch them. On the pedestal with the "Umbrella" logo behind are Magnum Rounds. Leave through the double doors. In the wide hallway there are three zombies - three are directly to your right while the other two are further down. You can easily evade them. Head onwards to the left. Don't enter the elevator- it's locked - simply claim the Green Herb. Head through the other elevator to level 13. You will be attacked by Lickers. Escape them if you can by running to the red-coloured door into Vincent's office.

Ark will see Lily on a recording screen before having flashbacks. When you regain control of Ark, take Vincent's Diary from the case against the wall. Be careful, another T-103 will make its way into the room shortly after. Near Vincent's desk is a Card Key. Obtain it and run away from the Tyrant, or otherwise defeat it and obtain more ammunition. Go back through the red shutter and into the hallway. Use the card key to unlock the shutter further down the hall and walk through. Dispatch the licker on the floor and head through the next shutter; you may be able to evade the other.

In the new room, another cutscene will play - Ark will hear a recording from Vincent's mother and find Lily listening to it. Lott will attack Ark, scared that Ark will kill his sister. On the console is Vincent's Taping Record. Leave through the next shutter after the computers. Remember that calling for the elevator will trigger another Tyrant bossfight. You can evade it easily and bring it down with Hand Gun B, obtaining more ammunition. When the Tyrant is defeated, the elevator can be ridden from Level 13 back down to Level 1.

Use your Card Key in the hallway - don't walk over the blue sensor until you have done so. Proceed downstairs afterwards. You will encounter two zombie dogs at the bottom of the stairs. A third will be at the other side of the carpark. Remember to get the "Grenade Gun" from the car before leaving; it may be of use later. Go through the door up the ramp out of the carpark. Another cutscene will play where Ark follows Lott and Lily into the canal. Go to the gate on the right. Be careful, a Hunter will be 'guarding' the bridge over the canal. When it's dead, keep on going. There are two giant spiders in the next area. Kill them (use your Blue Herb if poisoned) and proceed up the ladder.

You are now outside the Klein household. Directly to your left are Green and Blue herbs. There are two zombies, but the gate is shut, stopping them from getting to you. Go inside the house. The room to the left is the master bedroom. A zombie will be next to the bed, possibly Lott and Lily's father. Claim the Red Herb and leave. Go through the other door to Lott and Lily's bedroom. Another cutscene will play where Ark sees a closet door move. Opening it will lead to you finding Lily. She tells Ark to save Lott, who has abandoned her to search for an escape route in an Umbrella facility. Knowing his chances of survival on his own are slim, she continues to beg Ark to save him. Ark tells Lily to continue hiding while he goes on after Lott.

Behind Lily is Lott's Diary. When you have it, leave the house altogether. The gate to the left has now been opened by the zombies, who can now attack you. When you are done with them, go down the road to the cable car station. Zombie dogs will be on either side of you. Finish them off with Hand Gun B before equipping the shotgun. When you head to the door, a Hunter will smash through it. Claim the Green Herb from the inside and go through the door. Activate power to the controls and leave the room; lickers will invade it. Once you have left the room, an animation will show that the cable car has arrived. When you enter, another animation will show a Hunter jump onto the roof. It will attack you when you get off. Another Hunter (or two) will be nearby. Head down the stairs. An animation will show a T-103 climbing the ledge onto the platform. Defeat it and claim the ammunition as a reward. Kill the two zombie dogs and continue on through the next room.

You have now reached yet another optional pathway. You can proceed through the gate ahead to the hillside, where you will have to run past a number of Tyrants. You could go through the underground passage (the sign reads "Underground passage under construction. No trespassing! Construction personnel only.") where you will encounter Hunters and Lickers or, at the furthest, the mountain road (while the sign says "ELLEMONA", the examination says "El Mona mountain road.") where you will encounter Cleaners.

Fourth optionEdit

    Umbrella laboratory and final bossEdit

    Depending on the route you took, the first area will either be filled with Hunters or zombie dogs. Head on over to the mansion, which has a sign reading "No trespassing! Umbrella employees only." In this next area, you will either face zombie dogs or spiders. Evade them and walk inside the mansion.

    If you are up against Hunters, keep running away from them. The door in front of you is locked. Firstly, head to the left corner, where you can claim a Green Herb. Then, head on other to the other side of the mansion and go through the side-door. When you are inside, you will hear Lott scream. Before heading downstairs, grab the Grenade Rounds at the side of the room. Down the stairs, you may have to face one or more T-103s. Head on over to the Security Room and switch the power on, restoring power to the facility. The Magnum is also in this part of the room. Walk into the elevator and continue searching for Lott.

    This next room is filled with zombies; try running for the door in front to evade them, but don't go through it. There is nothing in that room that can be of use right now. When the zombies have been cleared, go through the next area - beware of the lickers; you can evade them by running into the next door on the left. You are now in a room housing two Plant 43s in their capsules, along with some Acid Rounds. Leave through the next area, where you will be forced against more lickers. In the laboratory, obtain the Activation Disk from the desk. Run back into the next room quickly or the lickers will storm out of the ceiling panels.

    Head back to the room with the naked zombies and go into the room on the right - you now have a use for it. Besides the facility's "complimentary" bomb is a control panel that, when the Activation Disk is inserted, will return power to this level. This will also release zombies into the room through a locked door, however. Luckily, they are far enough away to be dispatched with the handgun. Through the doorway is a small room with hot pipes in, along with some Grenade Rounds.

    Go back to the hallway near where you got the Activation Disk. Down the hallway is a blue light. Press the button next to it to release a shutter lock - Plant 43 will be nearby, however. Go around them and take the ID Card from the researcher's corpse. Continue down the hallway to the elevator, which you now have access to.

    You are now in the Tyrant Plant. Dispose of the two Plant 43s and go through the shutter, activating it with your ID card by the blue light. Flame Rounds and Blue Herbs can be found near the final shutter.

    You are now in a large room housing numerous Tyrant capsules. An escaped-Tyrant will make its way onto the walkway while the shutter behind it closes. Take it out to open the shutter. You can claim ammo from its body.

    You will see a cutscene where Lott is attacked by a Hunter, leading him to fall off the side of the walkway. Ark tries to pick him up from the side, but a Hunter enters the room. Kill the Hunter when you regain control, and another cutscene will take place where Lott explains that he reported Ark to Vincent just before the outbreak. Ark tells Lott to go get Lily just before the self-destruct system is activated. Proceed through the door. A monologue from Ark will reveal that he has now remembered his mission - to investigate Umbrella on the request of Leon S. Kennedy. Vincent tried to kill Ark when he found him snooping through his Umbrella office, leading to the helicopter incident at the beginning of the game.

    As the power is partially-down on this area, too, you cannot unlock the E-Area shutter door. Go through the next door to the operations room. Some Magnum Rounds can be found on the console to the right. Use the console in front of the door to bring power to the E-Area shutter. Push the switch in the corridor to open the shutter. You can easily avoid the two Plant 43 that are revealed.

    You are now in the Hypnos project lab. To the left of the Hypnos cultivation capsule is a file, "How to extract the material". Obtain the Master Key from the console in the middle of the room before leaving. If you avoided the Plant 43, you will be rewarded by their non-appearance.

    Heading for the next room, you will be attacked by one of the three antagonists in the game, depending on how you played it - Vincent; Andy or the Cleaners' human leader. Each scenario involves them holding a grudge against Ark (Vincent blames Ark for the catastrophe; Andy thinks that Ark is Vincent, while the Cleaners' leader wants to kill him for causing so much trouble during his mission), and each will be impaled by the newly activated Hypnos.

    You can fight the Hypnos by constantly running past it and then firing. When it is finally defeated, you can escape. When you leave, the only remotely-good-quality cutscene of the game will show that the Hypnos has begun the transform into its second form. Use the Master Key to unlock the door at the other end of the operation room. In this area, more T-103s barge in through wall panels. Run around them and into the elevator. You will be greeted by Lott and Lily outside the train. Head to the left to claim the ammunition before turning right and pushing the switch to open the shutter for the train, before headin back. Be careful - Cleaners will ambush you. Kill the two Cleaners on the ground and run for the tram (the Cleaners on the ledge above are too high to shoot).

    When you're off the tram, head for the elevator to Level 1. As Lott and Lily head for the helicopter, Hypnos will attack in its second form. Keep avoiding the Tyrant by constantly walking backwards - it will likely fail to run and slash at you. When it is defeated, it will transform into its third form. Perform the same actions to evade most of its attacks. Eventually you should finish it off.