For the Nintendo 64 prototype version of this scene, see Warning (Resident Evil Zero prototype cutscene).

"Warning" is a cutscene in Resident Evil Zero.[1]


Rebecca Chambers receives a call over her radio upon re-entering the Second Class passenger car A. The transmission is coming from S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team Captain, Enrico Marini. The two have trouble communicating over the interference, but Enrico informs Rebecca about the rest of report on Billy Coen found in the crashed military transport vehicle. He relays that Billy was institutionalized and mentally evaluated and that he was charged with killing 23 people. Rebecca ponders the information and remains silent for the rest of the transmission. Enrico warns Rebecca and urges her to stay alert.


REBECCA: This is Rebecca. Over.

ENRICO: Rebecca? Can you hear me?

This is Enrico.

What's your location? Over.

REBECCA: Enrico!

Hello! Can you read me?

Please respond.

ENRICO: Rebecca, I can hear you.

Now listen up.

We've obtained detailed information on the fugitive from a document found in the wrecked wagon.

Billy Coen killed as many as... 23 people. Over.

REBECCA: 23 people?

ENRICO: We have also confirmed that he was institutionalized.

So keep your guard up.

Can you hear me, Rebecca? Over.

Stay alert, Rebecca.

He wouldn't think twice before killing you.

REBECCA: Enrico! Captain! Hello? Hello?

レベッカ: こちらレベッカ どうぞ

エンリコ: レベッカ!聞こえるか?


現在位置は どこだ?

レベッカ: 隊長!



エンリコ: 聞こえている

いいか よく聞け

ビリー・コーエンの資料 から…




レベッカ: 23…人

エンリコ: 精神科への通院歴も確認した


聞こえているか? レベッカ!

いいな レベッカ


レベッカ: 隊長!


  1. Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster, Gallery.

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