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(DeCandido's novelizations of the Anderson films)

Washington was a US State located on the American NorthWest Coast, bordering Oregon, Idaho, and the Canadian Province of British Columbia. The capital is Olympia while the largest city was Seattle, which is a mere two hour drive from its sister city Vancouver, Canada. The state is known for its coffee, electronics, lumber, and aviation.

DeCandido Edit

Prior to the Global T-Virus outbreak, Payton Wells met Baltimore Police Department officer Jasper in convention in Seattle.

In 2002, the T-virus quickly moved into Oregon and then Washington from San Francisco, California as the first three US States to fall. Their fall was reported at the White House just prior to news of the virus spreading to the midwest.[1]

Anderson Edit

Alice passed over Washington state, particularly the city of Seattle, from Alaska on her journey down the North American West Coast.

Sources Edit

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