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Further notes

Raccoon City's and the Arklay Mountains' wasp population grew to huge sizes thanks to the viral outbreak. Their mutation was mostly limited to an increase in size and general aggression, common with the simpler t-Virus-infected animals.


During the Arklay Mountains outbreak caused by James Marcus, normal wasps accidentally got infected by the t-Virus; this made them grow in size and made them more aggressive to whoever approached their hive. If threatened, they attacked their victim, in masses, with their stings.

During the Raccoon City Outbreak, some Giant Wasps were found by survivors in underground facilities and forest areas as well. The virus also caused their venom to be more powerful, causing the inevitable death of the victim unless the venom was treated with Blue Herbs. Also, their venom, also known as the V-Poison, was one of the three components used to make the Daylight vaccine, an agent that stops the spread of the t-Virus in a host's body, neutralizing it for good.

Wasps are found at the Abandoned hospital in Raccoon Forest, where they drain nectar from the giant plant supporting the building, and attack intruders usually in groups of two.


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