Further notes
  • In the Resident Evil remake, they can survive getting hit from several weapons, and even a Rocket Launcher shot, eventually a player has to walk on them in order to kill them for good.
  • They are more aggressive and bigger in the Outbreak Series than they were in Resident Evil (DS, original and Remake).
  • Their attack in the Outbreak series will be harder to dodge, as in Resident Evil Remake a player can tap the buttons in order to make the wasps go away.
  • A good tactic to kill wasps is to play as Cindy, and when they're in mid-air ready to attack, to dodge and after the wasps passes through, to hit it with a Melee weapon (this has a chance to stun the wasp and drop it to the floor, allowing the player to stomp, shoot or beat it to death) or shoot it.

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