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Water sample puzzle

The puzzle in its initial state.

The Water Sample puzzle is a complex puzzle featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It involves the shifting of blocks to recreate a specific combination.


After placing the Water Sample into the machine, you are shown the panel. It displays five view-screens:

  • Screen 1 - The desired combination of blocks.
  • Screen 2 - The 'A' blocks, red.
  • Screen 3 - The 'B' blocks, yellow.
  • Screen 4 - The 'C' blocks, blue.
  • Screen 5 - The recreation of Screen 1, based on the order of the above three.

In order to recreate the combination shown in the top screen, the 'A'; 'B' and 'C' blocks must be shifted - each of the three can be moved to the left or right to change the order. It should be noted that if 'B' has a block where 'C' does not, the 'B' block will fall to the bottom when displayed in the recreation; it will not simply float.


There are four solutions to the puzzle:

1. A: 4 right, B: 2 left, C: 2 left

2. A: 1 right, B: 1 right, C: 2 left

3. A: 1 left, B: 2 left, C: 2 right 

4. A: 1 right, B: 3 right, C: 1 left

Note: It's different each time you play.

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