The Weapons Storage is an area of the Raccoon City Police Station featured in Resident Evil 2.


The room is composed of various equipment, ammunition and weapons along with four lockers that can be seen in front.


The room can be ventured in Scenario A after the verification of the Red Card Key and card reader is switch "on". The locker contains three two items that can affect scenario B. If the player chooses sidepack, it will give two more slots in their inventory, thus leaving the sub-machine gun to the character in Scenario B. Therefore, if they play scenario B, the sub-machine gun will become available when they reach this room again. Though the sub-machine gun can be taken regardless, however it will not become available during scenario B.


Resident Evil 2
Location Localization Original Script
The locker There's a machine gun and a side pack. With a side pack, I can carry more items. Will you equip it? Machine Gun/Side Pack
Choosing the side pack The side pack is being equipped.
Checking the locker again I should probably save it for Claire...