Further notes
Giant spider

In the 2002 remake, the Web Spinner has an HP value varying between 990 and 1590 (compared with Chris' and Jill's 1400 and 960, respectively).[1]

Moveset (remake)

Web Spinner is capable of three unique combat moves in 2002's Resident Evil.

Note: All names are provided by the biohazard Kaitai Shinsho guide.[2]

Move Damage Description/Notes
Spitting (毒吐き Dokuhaki?) 100
Ramming (体当たり Karada atari?) 150
Abdominal venom rupture (腹部破裂時の毒液 Fukubu haretsu-ji no dokueki?) 1

Weapon guide (remake)

Note: All stats are provided by the biohazard Kaitai Shinsho guide.[3]

Weapon Damage Number of ammunition/uses
Survival Knife (Chris's) 200 5-8
Survival Knife (Jill's) 121 9-14
Handgun 252 (Critical Hit: 1200) 1-7
Samurai Edge 252 (Critical Hit: 1200) 1-7
Shotgun Close-mid range: 580
Outer range:290
Assault Shotgun 680 2-3
Grenade Launcher (Grenade) 1000 1-2
Grenade Launcher (Acid) 1000 1-2
Grenade Launcher (Explosive) Direct hit: 2050
Blast: 1000
Magnum Revolver 1200 1-2
Self Defense Gun 1200 1-2
Barry's 44 Magnum 9999 1
Flamethrower 380 3-5
Infinite Rocket Launcher Direct hit: 9999
Blast: 1000
Dagger N/A N/A
Flash Grenade N/A N/A
Stun Gun N/A N/A



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