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"This Gauntlet is composed of many missions. How many can you take on?"
— Level description

Weekend Survivor No. 14 was an online event played on Resident Evil: Revelations 2's Raid Mode between February 19 and 22, 2016. The event was split into thirty missions; upon the completion of all thirty, players won the "Lv 100 Slot 6 Decimator Shotgun".[1] The game required owning the game disc, or otherwise all four Episode downloads to play.

Rewards Edit

Action Icon Reward
Missions cleared: 5 or more Anti-Recoil icon Anti-Recoil (Lv.2)
Missions cleared: 10 or more Burst+ 2 icon Burst+ 2 (Lv.1)
Missions cleared: 15 or more Auto-Shot icon Auto-Shot (Lv.1)
Missions cleared: 20 or more Force Ammo icon Force Ammo (Lv.7)
Missions cleared: 25 or more Close Range icon Close Range (Lv.8)
Missions cleared: 30 or more Decimator icon Decimator (Lv.100, 6 Slots)


  1. Weekend Survivor No. 14 featuring the super-rare shotgun "Decimator". RE.NET (19.2.2016). Retrieved on 2016-03-21.

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