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Wesker's Return is a cutscene in Resident Evil 5. The thirty-third in the game, it is played during Chapter 4-1.



Excella: "The preparations are almost complete. Then, we can leave."

Wesker: "Good."

Excella: "You know, I was surprised Las Plagas was such a success. When you first arrived, I had my doubts. And now, Uroboros is complete."

Wesker: "Your position at Tricell is secured."

Excella: "Oh, I have my eyes set on something much bigger. You'll be needing a partner, right? Someone suitable to join you in your new world. I believe I have proven I'm worthy, haven't I?"

Wesker: "Perhaps you have."

Jill: "The BSAA are here."

Excella: "It appears your old friend Chris Redfield has come to pay a visit. Do I sense concern?"

Wesker: "The plan is in its final stages, I will not tolerate delays."

Spencer (flashback): "...a new superior breed of humans... creating a new world... the Progenitor virus... You!... I was to become a god!..."

Wesker (flashback): "That right... is now mine."

Wesker: "I believe I should thank you, Spencer."



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