The west ticket gate (西改札 Nishi kaisatsu?) is an area of the South Raccoon Street Station. This area is featured in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2


This area consist of a large ticket booth and gates that the player must pass through to continue


The player can obtain handgun bullets a red herb and a hemostat in this area


Location Localization Original script
The bin next to the door to the "west entrance". I took a good long look at it, but it's just a garbage can.
The bin next to the ticket machines opposite the northern stairs outside. I took a good long look at it, but it's just a garbage can.
The ticket machines at the north end. A ticket machine. The buttons are broken.
The fence separating the ticket gate from the "west concourse". There's a strong iron railing blocking the gate.
The reception desk The office is empty.
The telephones on the south end. The payphone is broken.
The mailbox on the south end. Looks like a mailbox. Nothing strange about it.
The car blocking the south stairs. The passage is blocked. I can't get any further.


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