Further notes

A bloated zombie lifting Leon up, preparing to bite him

"You've had enough to eat!"
— Helena

This type of zombie does not seem to operate much differently from the standard zombie, with their main goal still being the act of hunting and feeding. They utilize their bulk to overpower their enemies, occasionally lifting them up to attempt to devour them starting at the lower torso. Due to their body weight, this creature should be considered more dangerous as they are less likely to be stopped or slowed down from shooting them.

When Leon and Helena encounter this type of zombie in the Catacombs, it uses its weight advantage on several wooden bridges to make Leon and Helena lose their balance, giving the zombie the opportunity to quickly close in and attack the two.

When the Whopper is killed, it can fall down on the player and seriously harm them.


The Whopper relies heavily on its sheer size to attack. Its attacks include:

Attack Damage Description Strategy
Arm Swing 1-2 Bars The Whopper swings the arm towards the player, knocking them back if hit. The player can avoid this attack by either combat diving to either sides or by sliding past the creature as this attack is quite predictable.
Bite 3 Bars The Whopper grabs and lifts the player up and starts biting on their abdomen. This attack is also quite predictable, similar to the Arm Swing. It will stretch its arms out if it attempts to do this. The player can avoid this attack by simply backing away or by combat diving.
Ram 2-3 Bars The Whopper will try to charge and ram the player, knocking them back if hit Like the other two attacks, this one is quite simple to avoid. The player can move away from its ramming direction by simply diving to either sides.
Falling 3 sec of stun When the creature is killed, it will fall down and damage the player if they are in its falling direction. The player can just simply move away when it is doing this.
Stomp Execution When the player is in dying state, the Whopper will stomp the player trapping them under its weight and stomping its victim again, finally killing them. There is no known strategy to avoid this execution move.


The Whopper is very straightforward, attacking head-on and bowling over anything in its way, including other zombies. It is very slow, but can both receive and inflict high amounts of damage. Its main pattern of attack is a simple charge, where it will either run the player over or pick them up over its head and rip at their stomach. A Whopper cannot change directions after beginning a charge, so it is quite simple to move out of its way.

A Whopper's legs and feet are its weak points, dealing a certain amount of damage to each leg will stun it for 5–8 seconds. This is best achieved at mid-range with an Assault Rifle, inflicting consistent damage while leaving room to dodge a charge. Shotguns are also effective, and can stun a Whopper after two blasts to both legs. Another close range option is to allow a Whopper to swing its arms at you, and countering at the right moment, performing a leg sweep and instantly crippling its leg to follow up with a coup de grace. Explosives are also effective in dealing with this creature, particularly remote bombs and grenades. Incendiary grenades are especially useful, dealing high damage and almost always stunning it.

Lastly, Ada's crossbow is very effective, stunning it with 2-4 normal arrows from any range, with one arrow in each leg bringing it down to its knees, opening it up for a coup de grace. Pipe bomb arrows can be a blessing, dealing high amounts of damage and firing just as quickly as normal arrows, but the timed explosive effect can be used against the player if the Whopper manages to charge within range.