King's Foundation
(King's BIO HAZARD2 mythos)

Dr. William was a chief researcher for the Umbrella Group.[excerpt 1][1] He was assassinated by Umbrella, but was revived and mutated into a horrific monster.


At some point during the viral outbreak in Raccoon City, Dr. William's laboratory complex was attacked by a U.P.S.F. team, overseen by Police Commissioner Brian Irons. Their mission was to steal the G-Bacteria samples, which Dr. Birkin quickly became aware of.[excerpt 2][1] Witnessing the killing of his research department on the facility's security feed, William infected himself with the G-Bacteria. Once the U.P.S.F. members found him, he was shot immediately. Alive and struggling, Commissioner Brian took it upon himself to personally deliver the coup de grâce. The bacteria inside his body revived him shortly afterwards.[2] Some time afterwards, the mutated William moved through the laboratory, destroying sealed doors to get through corridors. At one point his wife, Dr. Anne mistakenly believed he was hunting her, though he simply walked past her as she cowered against the wall.[3]

William eventually discovered his daughter, Sherry moving through the sewers to an underground gondola station with a group of survivors. A police officer, Leon Kennedy, put himself in front of the others to defend them, but Sherry instinctively ran to her father. Though Leon tried to interject, William slipped past him with impressive speed and stopped just one foot away from Sherry. The other survivors began firing at the doctor to protect Sherry, inadvertently leading to the walkway they were travelling on to give-way. Immediately after this, two of Umbrella's "Mechs" attacked him. The Special Forces Unit arrived on scene and joined with the survivors in firing at the creatures, eventually causing the walkway to collapse.[4] They continued to fight after the survivors fled on the gondola, and William succeeded in tearing one of the Mechs' head off.[5]

William eventually caught up with the survivors, having mutated since his last battle, only to find an Umbrella terrorist kidnapping Sherry. This led to a conflict between the two mutants on a train, and the terrorist used his tentacles to mockingly force William to kneel before him. At one point, Sherry ran to her father, but became terrified and ran as further mutations removed the rest of his human feature. Devolved into a simple blob, William managed to capture Leon in his mouth. The humans, having cleared the train of Umbrella agents, became aware of William's presence and flocked to the rear to face him.[6]

One of the S.F.U. members fired an energy weapon at William, causing some damage and forcing it to release Leon. Ya Lan, one of the operatives, rescued Leon, preventing William from recapturing him. The doctor began to slide further through the train to catch up to the humans, though they succeeded in uncoupling train carriages to prevent William from moving closer. The carriage he was travelling through soon after exploded.[7]




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