Wildstorm universe
(Covers information from the D.C. comics)

William Birkin was an Umbrella virologist basing his B.O.W. research in Raccoon City.


William Birkin was self-involved in the shipment of Licker-type B.O.W.s from Europe to Raccoon City. This was to such an extent that he personally flew by helicopter to the island of Isla Bonale, where he personally executed survivors, Stan and Leslie.[1]

After the Mansion Incident, Barry Burton revealed he had limited knowledge on the G-Virus project and Birkin from Wesker's notes.[2]

Soon after, a clearly-insane Birkin allowed the virus to be released into Raccoon City's drinking water, with Umbrella covering it up as some new Influenza strain. Ada Wong, an agent for a rival company who had established herself in the company, drove to his facility from Chicago -narrowly avoiding zombies- to demand he tell her what happened to her boyfriend, John Fay.[3]


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    • Issue #2 - "A New Chapter of Evil"; "Mutant Menagerie"


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