William Birkin kills Ben Bertolucci (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. This scene only plays in the Claire A, Leon B scenario upon arriving back at the B1F west hall via the ducts.


Leon S. Kennedy had traversed through an air duct back to the B1F west hall. However, he then hears Ben Bertolucci yelling no.

It then cuts to the Holding Cell, where Ben tells an unseen creature to stay away, only for the creature to savagely cut Ben down, with the creature briefly walking over to stand over his blood soaked body, revealing it to wear pants (implying the creature had originally been human). It then pans to the creature, who's only discerning feature besides it wearing pants was that its right shoulder opened up to reveal an eyeball.


Bertolucci: "No!"
"Stay... away!"


Further notes

  • This scene only plays in the Claire A, Leon B scenario upon utilizing the air vent to the B1F West Hall. However, a similar scene plays out in the Leon A, Claire B scenario.

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