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Wiretapping Record of Vincent (ビンセントの盗聴記録 Binsento no tōchō kiroku?) or Vincent's Tapping Record is a file in Resident Evil Survivor.


Vincent's tapping record (1)

You've obtained Vincent's Tapping Record.

The file can be found inside the Information processing room of the Umbrella Building in Sheena Island.


We can no longer tolderate what Commander Vincent has been doing. To deprive him of his position, we must obtain conclusive evidence of his evil doings, and report it to headquarters.

We realized that he is very intelligent and cautious. As a last resort, though it was very dangerous for us, was to wiretap his phone conversations. Finally, we obtained evidence that was potent enough to deprive him of his position.

This tape contains his conversations on the prison breaking incident last month. It proves that he shot those young people all by himself, and that he tried to hide the truth. Furthermore, this tape reveals that before coming to this city, Vincent had killed his colleague only for the purpose of his own promotion.

If we could hand this tape to the corporate people coming to the city next week, he will lose his position for sure. Then the city will be peaceful once again.






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