Further notes

From the accomplished research, the specimen proved that serpentine B.O.W.s were unfit for production. The specimen earned the nickname "Yawn" as it gave the appearance of yawning as it dislocates its lower jaw when ready to consume its prey. The size of this 'yawn' and its esophagus made it easily capable of swallowing a human, whole.[1][excerpt 1]

The most noticeable aspect of its t-Virus infection was its enormous size, large enough to swallow a human being whole. It also proved to retain its predator intellect, easily able to stalk and attack its prey before they even realized it. However, the Yawn exhibited examples of uncoordinated mutations, as its size became greatly inconsistent with its length, and its body became covered with various sores and tumors.

The potency of its venom was also significantly enhanced, requiring a specially-formulated serum to counteract it. Its venom could quickly immobilize a human being in minutes, and would kill the victim shortly afterward if left untreated.


  1. Excerpt from Inside of BIO-HAZARD, page 47:
    "40フィート近い巨体を持ち、 人間もひと飲みにできる。"
  1. Takeo (ed.), Inside of BIO-HAZARD, p.47.

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