Yawn is an Infected card introduced in the third set, Outbreak. Yawn is a relatively average Infected in terms of Health and Damage, but its text effect makes it deadly. Its effect accommodates the game's new Infection Mode, which allows players to succumb to the t-Virus and become Infected themselves. When Yawn is revealed, it increases the Infection Level of the exploring character by 1 or 2 depending on how high it is already. If it is 5 or less, it increases by 2. If its over 5, then it increases by 1. Yawn has 40 Health, deals 30 Damage, and is worth 4 Decorations.

Yawn's Health is noticeably low in comparison to other Infected despite its durability in the original game. At 40, it is put on equal standing with Hunters, El Gigante, and Lickers, among others.