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"The markings on the stone indicates that it once was set in something, but what? Nevertheless, a rare gem."
— Item examination

The Yellow Catseye is a small gem that can be fitted into the Beerstein along with a red and green gem. Just as it is, it can be sold to the Merchant for 3,000₧.


It is found in Chapter 2-3 after you cross the lifts. Before going down the last flight of stairs, go left and kill 3 or 4 enemies on the way. After you climb a ladder, there is a treasure chest that contains the Yellow Catseye. Strangely, in Separate Ways, this same chest will contain the Green Catseye. Instead, Ada will find it on the El Gigente path in a barrel on a ledge she has to hookshot to.

Further notes

Interestingly, the original Japanese name does not refer to it as a "catseye", which was evidently added-in by the localization team. Instead, it is simply the "stein gem (yellow)" (with translation variants including "gem of stein (yellow)" and "jewel of stein (yellow).



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