Further notes
  • If the player does not play as Yoko in the scenario Below Freezing Point, she will be found dead, and subsequently reanimates as a zombie.
  • Yoko seems to create more paradoxes than any other character in the game (perhaps the series), and plays a big part of George Hamilton's scenario, Decisions, Decisions.
  • At one point of Decisions, Decisions, and sometimes in Hellfire, Yoko will repeat AIPC characters lines, rather than her own.
  • The only time that Yoko says strong language terms is in Hellfire, and other than that, she does not uses any terms stronger than "Jam". She uses the term "Shit" in two of her Ad-Libs in that scenario;
    • After checking the radio in Charlie's body in the Boiler room, Yoko will say "Oh shit... Out of the frying pan."
    • When entering the Owner's room through the upper floor, Yoko will say "Need a box or some shit."
  • In Below Freezing Point, Yoko is the only character to get a Magnum Handgun.
  • Yoko is the only AI character that would actually push on crates if commanded with just a simple "GO".
  • During the "wild things" and "desperate times" scenarios, a player could try to push the golf cart or the broken patrol car and can ask her to help. However she'll get on a push position and will eventually run away from there, since AIs aren't programmed to move them and the only character who will move them is Mark.
  • A collection of Yoko's lines of dialogue can be unlocked in Resident Evil Outbreak by collecting all of her special items, and then paying 2000 points.[1]
  • After solving the Statue Puzzle in the "desperate times" scenario, if the player chooses Yoko or Kevin as the player and have the other as a partner, both will have a special ad-lib conversation with Yoko asking Kevin is she's a nuisance to himself.



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