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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Yuki Mayu was a Japanese Gravure idol who took part in the program, "Idol Survival", set on a mysterious island. Capcom describing her as main heroine in Heavenly Island.[1]

Appearance Edit

Mayu has a petite but curvaceous figure with large breasts. She has light brown wavy hair and it's tied in bun forms. She appears to be around 163 cm.

Her swimsuit attire is pink and white stripped bikini with the same pattern on her skirt. her footwear is white low-heeled sandals with a brown ribbon. Her jewelry is a silver heart-shaped necklace, earrings and a cream bracelet.

Personality Edit

Mayu is cheerful and friendly with everyone. She is shown very polite to elders, as she tell theirs name and end with suffix "san" in Japanese version.

However, Mayu was actually afraid and timid towards many monsters. As shown when she and Tominaga encounter Morio. It is shown she has fears to men due to the false rumors. She later overcome this after Tominaga saves her. During the next chapter, she become much more braver and using smart tactics like when she encounter zombies (e.g. she throwing flammable paints to zombies and using equipped weapon from Claire).


Yuki Mayu is first introduced when Tominaga starts blushing and talking about how beautiful she is. Yuki along with others are Gravure Models participating in a competitive card hunting game where Models with the least are eliminated. Before the game began they are met by a masked man who tells them about the zombies which makes Mayu grab Tominaga out of fear causing both to blush. As soon as the game started Mayu intriguingly found a Card immediately,however Kylie last year's champion trips Mayu causing her to fall on her breast and taunts her as she ran away. Angered, Mayu immediately chased Kylie but before she could confront her personally she witnessed her death at the hands of the Harpoon Creature by being impaled brutally with a spear.


Yuki Mayu witnesses Kylie's demise

After seeing her death Tominaga and Mayu ran and hid, until the monster was close, Mayu then began sobbing and fearing for her life. Tominaga realized that Mayu isn't mentally stable for the situation and the only way to save both of them is to act as decoy. Tominaga eventually outsmarts the monster causing it to fall in the water, after making it back up from the cliff,Mayu goes to an exhausted Tominaga and let's him rest on her breasts and she says it's okay since he was willing to protect her. However with all the conflicts they forgot one thing, they were hungry. After finding food Mayu Expressed her gratitude for all the things Tominaga did for her and gave him her headband,after this she shockingly saw a zombified Kylie behind Tominaga.


Mayu comforting Tominaga

Soon they are quickly surrounded by the undead and are forced to take shelter in the cave, within the cave they discover more zombies including the monster they escaped before, the creature Harpoon. Mayu became more stable and focused in which she found flammable barrels they could use. After a few skillful tactics they managed to escape the cave and reunited with zîlí.


List of appearancesEdit


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