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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Yuki Mayu was a Japanese Gravure idol who took part in the program, "Idol Survival", set on a mysterious island. Capcom describing her as main heroine in Heavenly Island.[1]



Mayu shown appears petite, but has slender figure with large breast. She has light brown wavy hair and it's tie in buns forms. She appears to be around 157 cm.

Her swimsuit attire is pink and white stripped bikini with same pattern skirt. her footwear is white low-heeled sandals with brown ribbon. Her jewelry is silver heart-shaped necklace and earrings and cream bracelet.


Mayu is cheerful and friendly with everyone. She is shown very polite to elders, as she tell theirs name and end with suffix "san" in Japanese version.

However, Mayu was actually weak and coward. As shown when she and Tominaga encounter Morio. It is shown she has fears to men due the false rumors. She latter overcome this after Tominaga saves her. During next chapter, she become much braver when she encounter zombies (e.g. she throwing flammable paints to zombies and using equipped weapon from Claire).

Further notes

  • Mayu is described by Capcom as the female protagonist.



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