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Yuki Mayu was a Japanese Gravure idol who took part in the program, "Idol Survival", set on a mysterious island. Capcom describing her as the main heroine in Heavenly Island.[1]

Personality Edit

Mayu is cheerful and friendly with everyone. She is shown very polite to elders, as she tell theirs name and end with suffix "san" in Japanese version.

However, Mayu was actually afraid and timid towards many monsters. As shown when she and Tominaga encounter Morio. It is shown she has fears to men due to the false rumors. She later overcome this after Tominaga saves her. During the next chapter, she become much more braver and using smart tactics like when she encounter zombies (e.g. she throwing flammable paints to zombies and using equipped weapon from Claire).


Yuki Mayu is first introduced when Takeru Tominaga expressed his crush on famous Japanese model. Yuki along with others are Gravure Models participating in a competitive reality game where models with the least points are eliminated from the show. Before the game began they are met by a masked man who tells them about the zombies which makes Mayu grab Tominaga out of fear, causing both to blush.During the game,Gravure model named Kylie,who won all previous competitions,tripped Mayu,causing her to fall, and angered, Mayu started to chase Kylie but before she could catch her she witnessed her being killed by Morio,who impaled Kylie brutally with a spear.


Yuki Mayu witnesses Kylie's demise

After witnessing her death,Tominaga and Mayu ran away.Morio follows and nearly corners them but Tominaga and Mayu both jump into the water,and as the creature turns away,climb back to the shore.Going back to the woods,they briefly talk about rumours Takeru heard about Mayu's past but soon stumble upon Morio again and after short chase,Takeru lures creature to the edge of a cliff and they both fall,but Takeru manages to hold on the cliff as Morio fell into the water.After finding food Mayu gave Takeru her headband as gratitude for protecting her from danger, but soon after this she saw a zombified Kylie behind him and the were surrounded by zombies and were forced to take shelter in the cave.


Mayu comforting Tominaga

Within the cave they discover even more zombies,and the monster they escaped,who survived the fall.Mayu managed to find flammable barrels they could use against zombie and harpoon-wielding creature. After short battle with undead,Mayu and Takeru escaped the cave and then met another idol named Zi Li and then Laura and Brown Anderson.

Soon,Brown Anderson succumbed to infection,and forced Takeru to kill him.At same time Morio,who tracked them down,appeared out of jungle,and survivors fled after seeing B.S.A.A. helicopter.They stumbled upon Claire who was fighting Morio.Morio killed entire squad,including two pilots,and B.S.A.A agent Parker Luciani sacrificed himself so that others may flee.

Mayu alongside Claire,Zi Li,Takeru,Inez and Marilou,walked into abandoned facility,where they been met by Shaman,who revealed himself to be Dirk Miller,researcher that was seeking key to immortality and was working on Project ''Kodoku'' which aimed to obtain viral sample from strongest,last surviving specimen.Miller unleashed Morio against the survivors but soon was attacked by Zi Li,who was working for Sheng Ya corporation.Zi Li strangled Miller and used his eye retina to gain access to the lab,killing him by bashing his head against computer screen.Zi Li then proceeded to seemingly kill Morio and synthesizing the virus from him,as he remained the strongest specimen after killing the other mutated contender,and also holding survivors hostage.However she did not noticed zombified Laura behind her back and was bit in the neck,both women fell deep into the facility,forcing Zi Li to inject herself with synthesized sample.


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