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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Zǐlì is the cover name of an agent of Sheng-Ya Pharmaceutical. In 2014 she posed as a gravure idol to participate in the Japanese reality show, Idol Survival. Her mission under this cover was to collect data on bio-organic weaponry after Sheng-Ya had recovered an abandoned Umbrella laboratory on Sonido de Tortuga Island.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

In the beginning Zîlì never really showed her prowess and would usually stand in the side lines, However Zîlì had hidden combat skills that no one knew she had. She is an expert at stealth in which she succeeded to get the drop on Dirk Miller using only wire. Also with her combat tactics she was not only able to disarm Claire but also use strength to throw her far.


Gallery Edit

Further notesEdit

As Zǐlì's name is also represented in the manga as the furigana "ジューリー", scanlations frequently refer to her as "Julie" incorrectly.


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