Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Zǐlì is the cover name of an agent of Sheng-Ya Pharmaceutical. In 2014 she posed as a gravure idol to participate in the Japanese reality show, Idol Survival. Her mission under this cover was to collect data on bio-organic weaponry after Sheng-Ya had recovered an abandoned Umbrella laboratory on Sonido de Tortuga Island. She is the hidden main antagonist.

Skills and Abilities

In the beginning, Zîlì never really showed her true capabilities and would usually stand on the sidelines. Unknown to everyone else, Zîlì was combat trained. She is an expert at stealth as shown when she succeeded in getting the drop on Dirk Miller using only wire. Also with her tactical acumen, she was not only able to disarm Claire, but also apply her strength to throw her far.


A gravure model and one of the participants of the 'Idol Survival' show, Zi Li was first seen asking for a fellow model named Coco. She is then seen in the show producer's, Mike D.Seaman, company yacht. They were attacked by a mysterious figure carrying a harpoon.

Some time later, Mike and Zi Li infiltrated the shrine that belonge to Shaman, who was feared by the superstitious local population, killing its guards along the way. Upon entering the shrine, the pair discovered a four armed creature and two women on a floor. Shaman appeared and unleashed the creature against the intruders. The creature managed to kill Mike, but Zi Li escaped when the two women distracted it.

Zi li monster form

Claire Redfield and the group of survivors led by cameraman Takeru Tominaga discovered the abandoned military facility where Dirk Miller, who was disguised as the Shaman to lure the fearful population into his experiments, completed his research on the Kodoku Plan, which aimed to create a perfect virus from the perfect specimen. Zi Li sneaked into the facility and killed Miller by bashing his head against a monitor and snapping his neck after torturing him. When she was confronted by Claire and the survivors, Zi Li demonstrated amazing fighting skills and reflexes managing to overpower both Claire and Takeru.

Zi li monster head

Zi Li surviving the rocket launcher shot as only head

When Takeru awoke, Zi Li explained that she enjoys torture, and started to beat Takeru, who was hung above a high stairway with a metal pipe. Before she could inflict any serious damage, a zombified Laura Bierce grabbed her from behind and bit her on the neck as the two women fell. Managing to synthesize the virus sample from the creature with the harpoon nicknamed Morio, Zi Li infected herself with it in last attempt to remain alive after being infected and fell deep into the facility from the top.

Zi Li mutated into a giant spider-like creature and attacked both Claire's group and her own mercenary squad that arrived at Sonido de Tortuga to acquire the sample. The mutated Zi Li fought Takeru and Mayu. As she grabbed Marilou but before she tried to kill her, the harpoon creature, initially thought to be dead after being synthesized, attacked her. During the fight, his mask fell off and Marilou realized it was her mutated brother Eliseo, who was captured by Dirk Miller. As the two creatures fought, Claire grabbed the rocket launcher and fired at both Morio and Zi Li, decapitating the latter and killing the former. As the first helicopter departed carrying Claire, Parker and Marilou, Zi Li revealed herself, having survived as a severed head and impaled the B.S.A.A. pilot. She attempted to impale Takeru and Mayu but was forced outside by B.S.A.A.agent Hendrick, who before his death, managed to cut off her tentacle. Zi Li was then confronted by Takeru armed with only a grenade, but she was attacked by Mayu from behind. Takeru managed to escape her grab, throw the grenade into her mouth and hid in nearby pitfall that he had dug in preparation for the Idol Survival show as the monstrous Zi Li exploded.


Further notes

As Zǐlì's name is also represented in the manga as the furigana "ジューリー", scanlations frequently refer to her as "Julie" incorrectly.