Prime universe
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Zoe Baker is a woman from Dulvey, Louisiana who was involved in the Dulvey incident, a three-year series of abductions by her parents, Jack and Marguerite Baker, and her brother Lucas, all at the behest of Eveline, a young girl genetically-engineered to control minds.


Early life

BakerFamily Young

Zoe as a child with her family.

Zoe lived with the Baker Family on the Plantation in Dulvey, Louisiana, with her parents and older brother Lucas. Zoe did an art project in the fourth grade of her and her family which hung in the dining room. There was an incident where Zoe called Lucas a pervert for watching her do yoga.[2]

Eveline's arrival

As Zoe watched a news report on the storms experienced, Jack returned from the bayou, bringing a survivor with him named Eveline. While he carried her to Lucas' old room, Marguerite requested Zoe to bring a change of clothes to the girl. Going into Lucas' old room, Jack left Zoe to clean her up and change her clothes while he checked the Old House. Before she could do anything, Eveline woke up and left the room, leaving it dark.

Zoe explored the house, believing a power-cut had taken place. She found Lucas unconscious and heard the mumblings of her mother. Finding her mother in the bathroom, Marguerite grabbed Zoe, muttering about the gift the girl, called Eveline, had given her and tried to force feed her a centipede from her mouth. Jack arrived and pushed Marguerite away. Struggling, he told Zoe to retrieve some rope from the garage. When she returned, she found her father trying to drown her mother. Though he seemed normal at first, Jack grabbed at her and menaced her by cutting open his chest, claiming that doing so would show devotion to Eveline. Zoe fled the house, using the rope to hold one of the doors shut from Jack and watched as he dragged Lucas to meet Eveline.

Successfully escaping from Jack and Marguerite, Zoe fled to the trailer, where she found another survivor, Mia Winters, lying on the floor. She found a letter on the table and read it, learning about Eveline and finding a strange head. Upon hearing the voice of Eveline, Zoe turned around to find her standing behind her. As the girl grabbed her arm, Zoe fell unconscious.

Later, Zoe woke up at the dining table, convinced that the night she had experienced was simply a dream and tried to explain the situation. However, she was abruptly stopped by Jack, who explained plans to prepare for damage following the storm. After he gave her and her mother instruction, Eveline appeared and addressed her as "sister", shocking Zoe.

Living as an outcast

Unlike the rest of her family, Zoe failed to fall under Eveline's mind control despite being infected and refused to partake in the family's murderous activities, choosing instead to isolate herself from them in her trailer in the yard. Since she now possessed Eveline's "gift", the rest of her family appeared to be content with her isolation from them and made no attempts to force her into being part of their new family. They did however prevent Zoe from escaping and did not allow her to leave the property. Also, Zoe had a domestic spat between her and Marguerite, that got so heated Zoe pulled a knife that she had hidden on her own mother, and hid other knifes around the main house.[3] Realizing her family was beyond saving, Zoe attempted to cure herself and escape multiple times by assisting her family's kidnap victims in escaping, though none of them survived.

Working with Ethan

When Mia's husband, Ethan, arrived at the plantation following a message sent to him by Mia, Zoe managed to get in contact with him by telephone, following a struggle between him and Mia. At first, she told him to escape the Guesthouse, using the attic window, but he was caught by her father before he could do so. Whilst Ethan was unconscious, Zoe reattached his severed hand, which had been removed in a scuffle with Mia, and gave him a Genome Codex to monitor his health.

After Ethan had escaped Jack, Zoe contacted him, and would provide information about the house and hints on where to go. After Ethan escaped the main house on the plantation, apparently killing Jack in the process, he found her trailer and was once again contacted by Zoe. She asked him to search the old house for the recipe to serum, warning him of her mother. After Ethan found the recipe, Zoe called him. Telling her that they needed a D-Series head and arm, Zoe, realizing the value of the head she had found, went to retrieve it whilst telling Ethan to find the arm.

Zoe, once again, contacted Ethan, following his fight with her mother and finding the D-Series arm. Telling him to meet her at the trailer, she was ambushed by Lucas and taken to the Boathouse, where she and Mia where kept. Later Ethan found them, meeting Zoe face to face for the first time. Asking if he brought the items for the serum, Ethan confirmed he had and released her from her bindings.


Zoe and Mia before the choice.

Being able to make only two vials, she gave them to Ethan and fled as her father, having survived his encounter with Ethan but mutated into a large mass of mold, busts through the wall. As Ethan fought off Jack, Zoe and Mia fled to safety. As Jack attacked, Zoe told Ethan to use one of the vials on her father, killing him for sure. As he broke the news to Mia, Ethan was forced to choose whether to cure Zoe or Mia.

Ethan chooses to save Mia, making Zoe feel betrayed and demands that they leave whilst she chooses to stay behind. She is later encountered by Ethan inside Eveline's shared consciousness alongside her father. During this encounter, Jack begs Ethan to kill Eveline and "free my family".

End of Zoe


Joe finds Zoe in the swamp.

Blue Umbrella's special forces team survey the Baker Ranch and report to Chris Redfield that no survivors were found via radio. However, Zoe survived, despite being calcified by Eveline in retaliation for helping Ethan and Mia escape. Weeks later, Zoe was found by her uncle - Joe - who tried to save her from the infection.

Zoe remained unconscious during the time Joe looked for her cure. He managed to cure her by the time Chris Redfield and other Umbrella operatives arrived.

Following Ethan's rescue, he asked Chris to look for and rescue Zoe. Ethan later called a recovering Zoe, during which she thanked him for keeping his promise and sending help. She and Joe are now the last survivors of the Baker family.


Zoe loves her family, but realizes that they have been transformed into monsters. It is implied that she has helped multiple "visitors" to the farm when she remarked that Ethan is the only one who has made it "this far" after he escaped to the yard. Her helpfulness, however, could be self-motivated, as she wants to escape her own house and her monstrous family members. Also, having lived at the house, she would know the ways in and out.

She seems to have a basic knowledge in science, as she made two doses of the Mold serum with the D-Series Arm and head.


Zoe's attire consists of a white tank top, blue jeans, and brown flats on her feet. Zoe also has unkempt short brown hair.

After being calcified by Eveline, Zoe becomes nude, with her clothes seemingly destroyed by the calcification. Her skin and hair turn white, the latter also growing slightly longer. Crystal-like formations grow over her chest, lower body, and the right side of her face, covering anything inappropriate. She remained in this form shortly after being cured by Joe, showing that her right eye had also been crystallized.

Once she was cured from the breakdown of her body by an Umbrella Corp scientist, her clothing and original skin tone return, however, her hair remains white.


In the main game, she only interacts with Ethan by communicating with him through the telephones that are scattered throughout the Baker ranch.

In the Daughters DLC, Zoe is the player character of the "Daughters" scenario. She will have 12 inventory slots, starts with the Lighter, and can not use the Guard command.


Further notes

  • If Ethan chooses to save Zoe, they leave in the boat and watch as they leave Mia behind. As they follow downstream, Zoe reveals to Ethan how she and her family had become infected. As they reach the shipwreck in the swamp, Ethan, wanting to find out what had happened, stopped the boat to explore. However, before he can leave, Eveline attacks them. Begging her to stop, Zoe is killed when Eveline calcifies her body, killing her. Her body is presumably completely destroyed when the boat was capsized. The End of Zoe DLC confirmed that this is non-canon.
  • Regardless of Ethan's choice, Zoe also appeared in Ethan's contact with her father, her mind still linked to Eveline's consciousness.
  • Zoe was the unseen figure who calls the protagonist in the Beginning Hour demo, in a similar manner to how she contacts Ethan though her voice lacks the southern accent featured in the game. She would only call after the player had explored the house and obtained the basement key; the only way to reach her was the house phone in the attic.[4] However, as of the final December 2016 update, Zoe will no longer contact the protagonist and in the final version of the game, Zoe says Ethan is the only person she saw escape from the Bakers' house.
  • Prior to Ethan's arrival, Zoe has helped previous victims of the Baker family in an attempt to escape the house, with every one of them meeting an unfortunate end. Annoyed by this, Jack prevented the would-be survivors from reaching her trailer by hiding the three reliefs.





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