Zombies appear in BIOHAZARD heavenly island have proven to be different zombies created by the T-Virus.


They were possibly created by some variant of the T-virus created by the Creature Harpoon, suffer from fading and putrefaction of the skin with loss of iris causing his eyes turn white.

They have proven to be superior to human strength as Coco in the absence of an arm could grab a man while Grace could continue biting Matthew Espinosa when I try to remove it. They have also demonstrated the ability to swim and climb as demonstrated when they followed a group of survivors to White Castle.

They also have sensitive ears able to hear sounds that humans are not able to hear.


Like any zombie have slow movements but they have shown a slightly faster speed, at the time of see a person pursue them eventhough their victims continue running can keep your step even in the thick jungle of the island. It has despite its state of putrefaction, some zombies were found in a cave have shown sense of touch to feel pain at the time of being burned.

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