Further notes

The Zombie Elephant normally serves as the main boss of the "wild things" scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.

The Elephant first appears once the player reaches the zoo. He will come crashing through the back gate, sending debris flying and destroying the gate entirely. After this, Oscar will wander around the South, North, and East Concourses, as well as the Elephant Stage, and cannot be seen anywhere else. Every time he appears, a special theme plays.

Oscar is very big and very tough, requiring a lot of firepower to bring down. He will viciously attack any characters in his way, and can be a very persistent foe.

Once the player escapes the zoo, Oscar will be seen running towards the front gate, demolishing it, then confronting the player in the Raccoon Zoo Station as the final boss. He needs to be killed to enter the Tram.

Before leaving, the player can kill the elephant inside the zoo, or trap him inside the Elephant Stage. Either of these methods will eliminate Oscar as the final boss, replacing him with "Max", the Male Zombie Lion.

Trapping OscarEdit

The player needs to activate power inside the Inner office. Afterwards, one must head towards the Elephant Stage. Then, they must climb up to the control center and wait until Oscar arrives in the stage. The player can check the audio system in the right side of the panels to summon him faster.

Once he steps inside the stage, activate the cage by pressing the control switch. The steel gate will close, trapping Oscar inside temporarily.

Once the Zombie Elephant is trapped, the player can move about freely in the concourses. However, if the player waits for too long in the Elephant Stage, a cutscene will appear; depicting Oscar charging at the gate, and demolishing it. This will free the elephant and reinstate him as the final boss. However, the player can still kill it. All of the actions mentioned in this heading are required to do in order to obtain a 100% Event Checklist.


Oscar's attacks are highly powerful, but most are quite slow. Its eyes seem weak, and it will attack areas from which sound is coming (explained by placing the BGM tape on a cart). However, it is not wise to stay too close because the elephant can kill enemies instantly.

  • When far from his target, he will run at them in a straight line, and will flinch if it hits an object or a wall.
  • His normal attack consists of swinging his trunk left and right. Take note that the second swing has a farther reach.
  • If a character is beside or behind him, the elephant will stomp on the ground with all four legs, dealing moderate damage.
  • He can instantly kill the Player and the AI partners by raising his front legs and then stomping on them. This can be halted with Mark's Guard, Jim's Play Dead or Yoko's Charm. In this case, the character is sent into Danger status instead. He doesn't use this attack on Easy.
  • He can flip his trunk upwards. If it connects, the character will be sent very high into the air, then crash down to the ground head-first while screaming. This attack deals very high damage.
  • While in the Office, if the Zombie Elephant hasn't been killed yet, it will break in through the windows, whipping his trunk and damaging players and AI partners if it connects. If the character gets too close to the windows while in Caution Orange or Danger, the Zombie Elephant will grab the character with its trunk, take them outside and stomp on them continuously, causing an instant death.


  • Despite being huge, the Zombie Elephant regularly flinches from gunfire and melee attacks. The group of survivors can pin him down by attacking simultaneously from all sides.
  • The Hunting Rifle is the most effective weapon against Oscar, killing him within 4-6 shots.
  • The player can avoid his charging attack by moving to the side.
  • He will suffer greatly increased damage if shot in his open mouth.
  • Oddly enough, Oscar will run away from the player if he is shot with a hemostat from George's Capsule Shooter.
  • The player can choose to avoid the elephant while passing through the concourses, as he follows a predetermined path, losing interest in the player after some time.
  • If the player wishes to fight Oscar as the final boss, they can collect BGM Tapes. The player can place the tapes inside one of the 2 cassette players at both ends of the street at the Front Gate. Once Oscar hears the music, it will run against the cassette player, destroying it and causing an explosion, causing huge damage to it.
  • There is a spot in the East Concourse where the player can stand and attack the elephant without taking much, if any, damage. This is because the Zombie Elephant is too big to fit in this corner. The spot is right next to the door to North Concourse; it is exploitable if the elephant has just came from that area.