Further notes
  • The Zombie Elephant was shown to retain some memories from his past life experiences such as the sound system in the Elephant stage, as whenever he hears it, he starts a little dance and wanders in the area not attacking anything. In the finale, when he hears it from the cassette player, he charges at it.
  • It is possible for players to avoid the Zombie Elephant. When they hear his "theme" starting to play and he's not on screen, they should tell the AIs to wait and stay still until the song stops playing. This also works if the Zombie Elephant is around, though it is difficult to pull off since some AIs like Kevin Ryman and Alyssa Ashcroft tend to fight the mutated elephant instead of taking cover.
  • Kevin refers to the Zombie Elephant as "The Jumbo", while George refers to it as "The Pachyderm."