Further notes

The Zombie Lions are prominent enemies in the wild things scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.

The Female Zombie Lions are seen several times in the zoo. They are first encountered at the Service road.

Max the Male Zombie Lion is tougher and stronger than the females and serves as an alternative boss after the player escapes the zoo.

If the Zombie Elephant is either killed inside the zoo or trapped; leaving the Zoo Gates will show Max running towards the gates, leaping on a tower, then jumping down to confront the player as the final boss in the Raccoon Zoo Station.

Both male and female lions are very dangerous enemies. The felids will aggressively pursue and attack enemies until they are dead or have escaped. Most of their attacks will send victims crashing to the ground.


Both the male and female lions share identical attacks:

  • Their normal attack consists of running towards the target, leaping and striking them down with their claws and frontal mass. Take note that the lion is completely invincible while leaping.
  • When next to their enemy, they will strike with their front paws. The Male's paw will floor enemies.
  • When an enemy is right behind them, they will whirl around and strike with their claws.
  • If an AI or Player character has very low health, the lions can perform a special lethal attack. They will crouch down and growl menacingly for a few seconds, then leap towards the injured character. If the attack connects, it will instantly kill the target.


  • Their normal leaping attack can be dodged by moving to the side. Cindy Lennox can use her DUCK ability to evade. Mark Wilkins will sustain damage and be staggered if this attack hits as he's blocking, but will avoid being knocked to the ground as normal.
  • Do not attempt to attack the lions while they are leaping, as they are invincible while performing this act.
  • Do not stay right behind them, as this will prompt them to perform their whirl-around attack.
  • Move away from a lion if it begins growling, as this is followed by an instant-kill attack. Do note that Mark can defend against this attack.
  • The best mode of attack is to strike them while they are turned sideways towards the character.
  • The Shotgun is a good weapon to use against the lions, as normal handguns won't make them flinch much.
  • Females are extremely weak against the Spear.
  • The Hunting Rifle will kill the Females in one shot in all difficulty modes, and inflict great damage to the Male.
  • Alyssa Ashcroft's Stun Gun can temporarily incapacitate the female. How many shocks it takes to do so depends upon difficulty. When incapacitated, the Lioness will play her death animation but will get up a few seconds later. Caution is advised while using this method because of this. This method is not a good way to actually kill one as it takes several shocks to actually kill a Lioness. The Lioness is immune to taking damage while unconscious as well so this method should only be employed for quick escapes as Alyssa.